About Us

Who we are

Safe Home is an independent charity for people affected by domestic abuse and dramatic incident. We are dedicated to supporting people affected by crime. Our specialist teams provide individual, independent, emotional, and practical help to enable people to cope and recover from the effects of crime.

Our approach

Our Mission

Our mission is to help empower domestic violence victims. We believe that everyone has the right to be free from violence and exploitation and to live peacefully. We at Safe Home also believe that the 2019 Human Rights Act should be enforced and that it is our responsibility to recognise and uphold this law. We also have a mission to help domestic abuse victims live independently free of fear and abuse; we place the survivor’s voice at the centre of our work and address the needs of domestic abuse victims by providing them with clinical therapy, support groups, and services to help them become independent people with job, housing and healthcare.

Why you should choose us

We’re independent

We are independent of the government, the police, local authorities and the criminal justice system. You don’t have to report a crime to the police to get our help.

We’re free of charge

Our support services are free and continue for as long as you need our support.

We’re confidential

Our service is confidential, and unless we believe there’s a risk of harm or it’s a legal requirement, we will always protect your confidentiality and not pass on your personal details or any other information that could identify you without your permission.

We’re focused on support

As an organization, victims are our only focus.

We’re specialists

Our teams of highly-trained staff and volunteers provide a wide range of specialist services that help people affected by all types of crime from burglary, hate crime, fraud and theft to domestic abuse, child sexual exploitation and terrorism.


How we can help

We’re here to help anyone affected by abuse, not only those who experience it directly but also their friends, family and any other people involved. It doesn’t matter when the crime took place – you can get our support at any time, and for however long you need us. 
We provide free and confidential support 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year for people affected by crime and traumatic events – regardless of whether you have reported the crime to the police.

The support services we offer are tailored to the needs of each person. These include:

  • Information and advice
  • Immediate emotional and practical help
  • Longer-term emotional and practical help
  • Advocacy

Our teams and volunteers provide a wide range of specialist services that help people affected by domestic abuse.