Our mission is to empower domestic violence victims

What We do

Safe Home is a Non-government funded charity that goes beyond to provide domestic abuse victims both male and female with emotional and physical support. ‘We believe everyone deserves to be empowered emotionally and we do this by making sure that those who may be vulnerable at the time physical wellbeing and mental health are catered to.

Support for Dyslexia, Domestic Violence Victims

Underprivileged Families, Orphanages and more

Phonological Dyslexia

Phonological dyslexia is extreme difficulty reading that is a result of phonological impairment, meaning the ability to manipulate the basic sounds of language. The individual sounds of language become ‘sticky’, unable to be broken apart and manipulated easily.

Developmental Dyslexia

This type of dyslexia is caused by problems with brain development during the early stages of fetal development. Developmental dyslexia diminish as the child matures. It is also more common in boys.

Visual Dyslexia

Visual dyslexia is reading difficulty resulting from either optical visual problems (physical causes) or visual processing disorders (cognitive/neurological causes). Optical problems often result from simple near or far sightedness.

Surface Dyslexia

Surface dyslexia, first described by Marshall and Newcombe, is a disorder characterized by the relatively preserved ability to read words with regular or predictable grapheme-to-phoneme correspondences but substantially impaired reading of words with “irregular” or exceptional print-to-sound correspondences.

Primary Dyslexia

Primary dyslexia: This is the most common type of dyslexia, and is a dysfunction of, rather than damage to, the left side of the brain (cerebral cortex) and does not change with age. Dyslexia is a difficulty in learning to read.

Trauma Dyslexia

Perceptual Dyslexia, is when people have trouble recognizing whole words, which causes slow reading. Linguistic Dyslexia is when they read quickly but make mistakes. Individuals may also present with Auditory, Spatial or even Math Dyslexia.